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“Sometimes I hate Anet...”

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Guild Wars: Factions

Guild Wars: Factions (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 27/APR/06
Emblem for Ala Muki's Lair

This image is affiliated with the group...

Ala Muki's Lair

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Whats with the hate?
it's a rare staff , Death Magic req, with a built in Divine Favor (Monk Primary Attribute) HCT Which means you would have to be a monk for that to be useful. SO basically its a beautiful staff that I would have loved to have anytime in the last 5 years, with a useless attribute on it. I've gotten a lot of these, but this one really struck a chord with me. Because I always kinda wanted one.
This one is even worse, because the req is for primary att of a Warrior and the bonus is for primary att of a Monk! It's useful for me in "The Deep", or just for show but it's an utterly ridiculous shield. It didn't piss me off cause it wasn't something I had been wanting, & it is slightly useful
Really? We can't say "piss"?
No #%^$^$@ you can"t say *&%*, you heathen....8^)
The filter is broken for me anyway so it came up normally ^_^
You also can't say $%#@, $%^&, @#$%^ when referring to a $^%^# on a @##%^ which is sometimes confused with a #$%^ or a #$%^ that's on a #$%^@.

At least that's what I'm #$%^ assuming.
Oh and good luck trying to say %^$ $%$% you $%^ @#$@.

That just gets you in trouble.
What's with those bonuses? One f'ed up item if you ask me.
I think it's Anet's idea of a joke...
Might be, but it sure is a cruel one
I have gotten some Tactics shields with odd bonuses, Like curses. Those would be useful for PvP, If I PvPed
I got two zodiac staffs in urgoz with weird built in mods. Tam has the spawning one with built in death magic mod. The other was an ele req with a built in blood magic mod. Odd drops really.
That one is actually useful, but not really any more so than a low req Death Magic staff. It's fun because it's only useful for a RT doing Death Magic and using high spawning power... So a explosive growth MM.
@TamaraLane Glad it works for you. Seriously though, i love the skins but I don't use an explosive growth or a bloody water ele. =p
Well I only do explosive growth for fun, not as a really serious build. SoS kinda ruined Rits. Hard to not just do that.
Anything with a recharge boost is not useless and this also has a casting speed boost. It has nothing to do with "fortitude," though.
@QueenOfChult The built in HCT of Divine favor is useless for all classes except monk. The Fortitude & Insight could be stripped and useful on another staff. I suppose if you have a good Death Magic / monk build that relies on Divine favor,(so that you need the HCT on Divine favor), its really cool. I'd love to see the build! You could strip the Insight & put on a HCT head, but then you lose the +5 energy. For a rare skin it's fairly heartbreaking. Merch it or use it on a non essential hero. I have a stack of non-rare weapons with better stats laying around, and get more daily.
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