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Claw of Jormag

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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
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Emblem for Ala Muki's Lair

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Ala Muki's Lair

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It looks like your spells are starting to annoy it a little.
Yeah, these Dragon boss fights wind up being rather long...
I need to go hunt down the Shatterer. I know where it spawns, just haven't been there at the right time.
How long do they typically last?
Well you start out excited to fight a dragon, and by the end you are all ZZZzzzzz huh? oh he's dead? Like most boss fights in video games... I allways wonder what the heck mele characters do, besides get squished, poisoned and a does of fear every time the get close enough to hit the dang thing...
At least some games give them minions to attack your back while you're trying to kill them. It makes it more interesting that way.
@LordXenophon Yeah they do that too. It's always a very involved battle, At some points you lose focus on the boss because there's so much other stuff. This particular dragon would throw up an "Ice Claw" wall that you would have to destroy to damage him, and also spawn minions, Fly away when we started to get him pinned down. On the mini map you can see three gears, those are cannons, sort of like anti aircraft guns. We would have to run back to them when he took flight in order to ground him again, until we where able to destroy his wings. This particular battle took place around midnight or 12:30, I was really tired, but Brad and I had gotten involved In a series of event strings, I was thinking it would be just one little event, and then I would go to bed... over an hour or so later we where fighting Jormag, after running thru all the events leading up to him spawning. It may just me, but I often find boss fights somewhat tedious. So don't get me wrong, this boss fight was better than a lot of games.

I think I would like to see these Dragon boss fights cover a lot more of the map and have more sub tasks. If I was that dragon I definitely would have trashed that gun installation early on. Then you could have an event where repair supplies had to be moved in, another defend the caravan/protect the workers thing, but all the while having the dragon causing a lot of confusion. Or even needing to build gun installations in other locations etc, since the dragon was smart enough to fly away from this gun installation that was irritating him. All the Dragon battles take place in areas where There is a dragon killing installation. It would be good if we needed to lure the dragon to the installation. I'm sure this would all be difficult to script given the open world environment. It would certainly make for a more believable battle. Be nice if people could get on the dragon too, since it is so huge. You could have warriors up on his back hacking at him, etc...
Oh... I said I "often find boss battles tedious" I should have said "almost always"
Your description of the fight makes me want to go find a dragon and fight it. And the of course get eatten by it, since I'm only level 40, lol
That makes me want to roll a healer, so you can survive being eaten by the dragon.
Welcome to Tyria! Comes meet interesting peoples, see interesting new places, fight interesting new monsters.

And get eaten by them.
Might want to take a sewing class, so you can stitch all of my body parts back together.
Tamara has the sewing covered.
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