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Trying it out

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TamaraLane said...
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So far I like it ok. The graphics seem like they could be better. My charachters skin looks plastic. Also not that pleased with how she moves. it looks very unrealistic when she runs. I am going to give it a bit more time and see if it sucks me in.
Age of Conan

Age of Conan (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 20/MAY/08
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I have to admit, I was kind of surprised at how I got sucked into the story... Of course, I still haven't left Tortuga yet, myself. I originally wanted to play it for the guild-made city PvP sieges...
I finished a couple of quest, but can't figure out how to get my slave manacles off, so I can't get in the city. Also I want to redo my character. I'm not happy with her face. I didn't know you could customize it so much, so I just accepted one of the default ones. How do you delete a character? Can I remake her with the same name?
To get the shackles off, you have to talk to the big bald guy building the wall beside the lava river to the left of the path as you cross the first bridge heading to the city gates.; he'll ask you to get him bricks. Run to the quarry, grab 3 bricks (they stack) then go back and he'll remove your shackles.

To delete your character, you do that from the character select screen. You can make up to 2 characters with an F2P account.

If you want to add me in-game, I don't mind helping you out with any of this kind of stuff ^_^ Just let me know.
Help me find enough room on my hard drive for another MMO. :P
Easy - get a bigger hard drive :P
I have a bigger hard drive, but it's in my other computer.
Problem solved :D
@Tamara did your character also get stuck with a dragoneque figure?
@AthenRahl Ok, Thanks. I haven't spent a lot of time exploring I guess. I wandered off to the right, and started finding enemies that where a lot higher level than me. None of the NPCs that I clicked on seemed to do much. I ask a few questions in chat, but got no answers. I lost interest & quit. I couldn't find a delete on the character select screen, but I'll look again. It's weird to that a lot of the NPCs just seem to be statues. I guess I am spoiled.
OK, set the graphics to high detail, looks much better. I thought it was already set that way. Couldn't find the delete button still. I got into the city, but had to talk to the guard, then the mason. Was having fun until I fell off the upper level of the city and wound up in a small space where I can't get out. Called & called for help to no avail left in disgust.
Did you try /unstuck or anything like that? Also, logging back in should get you unstuck as well.
@AthenRahl I wanted to remake that character anyway, so after restarting the game a couple of times and still being stuck, I decided to just delete her. I found the little skull icon finally.

I still don't get why no one answers me in chat. It seems very unfriendly.

Is your character AtenRahl in game? Also, what server are you on? We have to be on the same one to play together right?
No, I have 2 characters in-game; Jesseth on Tyranny server, and Abygael on Wiccana server.
@AthenRahl I think I created my character on Wiccana, but if not I'll just re-roll her. I'm pretty sure she not on Tyranny, cause that's the PvP server isn't it?
I have my female priest toon there; which class/race did you go for? When would be good to meet up & run some quests?
She is a Stygian/Demonologist. It seemed to be the only way I could get a caster class from what was available for the free to play options, other than if I wanted to be a priestess. Her name is Dolencia. I'm not sure if I will play tonight or not. I may play Guild Wars. I am typically on between 7~9 pm Pacific, and play till 10 or 11 pm. When is your typical play time? The exception is Thursdays, when I typically play starting at 11pm and play for an hour or so. What is your play time like?
My play time has been random and completely erratic, to be honest. I don't really have a set schedule right now because between lack of work, the few people I know in this city randomly calling me to give them a hand with something and a long-distance relationship with a girl who's schedule as to when we can talk is uber random due to her family & room mates, I haven't tried setting a schedule yet...
Mines pretty set. I work, and typically take a couple hours at lunch to ride my bicycle. I get home at around 6:30 ish. Sometimes I cook dinner, so gaming has to wait. Other days I may watch some TV. If I'm not playing by 9:30 or 10, I probably won't, cause i still need to sleep! On Thursday's I have rehearsal, so I get home around 11. I'm wound up & dehydrated, so I play for a while & drink water, because I wouldn't be able to sleep anyway. This is my Friday off so I'll be on some during the day. Saturdays & Sundays, I typically play in the morning, but I'm thinking of changing that. Habits are hard to break though =)
@AthenRahl I tried adding you to my friends, but you don't seem to show up. I may be doing something wrong.
No, I ended up deleting & re-starting my toon; I'm on Wiccana fully now, I'll add your toon to my friends list today. Sorry, I forgot to message you & let you know >_>
@TamaraLane I think I just sent a friend invite from my new toon; let me know if you get it.
I have a second toon that is brand new. My other one is now level 14 I think.I was thinking of rerolling the new one because she was a reroll, for appearance. I was trying to get the same name I had, and it was not available. Any idea how long after you delete a toon does it take before the name is available again?
@DameRachel Sorry so slow to reply. not sure what that means, I made her boobs pretty much as small as possible, but they are still huge.
@TamaraLane Not sure, maybe there's some info on that on the official site or forums? I name my toons based on the appearance that comes together as I fiddle around in the character creator, usually.
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