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Soldier of Fortune House Cat

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TamaraLane said...
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Soldier of Fortune

Soldier of Fortune (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 27/MAR/00
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"Concentrated evil" you say?
He'll never fool an actual cat, but he might be useful against the dogs.
Does pulling ont he tie turn him on and off or activate the evil spray?
It would probably activate the evil spray.
Do you need Holy Water to clean it up?
@Vampirechan that and some vinegar...
I believe vinegar represents unholy water. Still, acid is what you need.
But its already acid.
I've seen somebody melt their carpet by trying to clean up a massive dog mess with bleach.
This past weekend, I wanted to melt a dog because of a massive carpet mess... SoF cat's concentrated evil's got NOTHING on the sheer volume of vile-smelling sludge ejected from said dog onto *two* bedroom carpets in our house.

Not even our dog... *grumblerumblefrumble*
Vinegar is acid (Acetic Acid, HC2H3O2).
Ammonia is alkali (NH3 + H2O --> NH4OH).

When you react an acid and an alkali together, you get a neutralization reaction which produces water and a salt.
And a lot of heat.

But in this case, the reagents are:
Uric acid (C5H4N4O3)
Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO)

On the plus side, this reaction traps the nasty stuff you were trying to clean up in a crust of sodium chloride crystals. It works very well for cleaning a dog mess off the patio (don't breathe the fumes and hose the patio down after the crystals form) but it's totally useless on a carpet and dangerous to do indoors (because you also get lots of Cl2 gas, also known as Green Dragon breath).

But I think HitGirl already knew at least some of this, because she thought throwing bleach on an acid-soaked zombie would make it explode. But the point is that you use an acid to clean up an acid to keep this from happening.
So, to clean up (melt) a messy dog, I just need a strong acid right? HCl, or would you recommend something stronger? ;)
The dog is already spraying acid all over your carpet. You need a strong alkaline.
No no... I want to melt the *dog* ;)
Then you have to trap the dog in the plume of heat from the reaction between the uric acid and the bleach. Or you can just use a lava bucket.
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