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Guild Wars 2 Release date anounced!

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TamaraLane said...
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Anet has announced a release date! August 28, 2012! The long wait is almost over! I guess this means that we will not be getting the story line in Elona that was promised. I hope everyone is ready!
Guild Wars

Guild Wars (PC)

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Guild Wars 2 (PC)

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Guild Wars: Factions

Guild Wars: Factions (PC)

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Guild Wars: Nightfall

Guild Wars: Nightfall (PC)

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Guild Wars: Eye of the North

Guild Wars: Eye of the North (PC)

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Release Date: 31/AUG/07
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Hmm....got a couple more months to finish my 30 pts. Almost done, but still want to finish WoC first
The actual giving of a date will renew my focus on my main!
$5 says expansion for Elona.

Also the tieried skil system is still in, two of the races haven't been tested yet and neither has the endgame.

Does not bode well.
Yeah the tiered skill system is crap, like we're not smart enough to figure out what the limited number of skills do after dealing with the thousands of combinations possible in GW? IDK w GW2 out they have lost most of the people that would buy an expansion.
I think they will have a Beyond for Elona eventually... But i don't really care if they do or not. I prefer the tiered system so i don't have to hunt down and find all those dang skills. 400 skills was a bit much, much like WoW. Plus it makes WvW a bit more balanced.
I liked how it was in beta 1. I could see & read all the skill descriptions, and buy the high end ones without having to unlock all of the lower tiered skills. Tam was severely nerfed in beta 2 after they put in the tiered skills and took away the higher tiered minion skills I had unlocked. I was forced to unlock skills that made no sense for my build, just to get to the ones I needed. If anything it encouraged me to use skills that weren't complimentary, just because I couldn't get the ones I needed. Sorry, but it is retarded IMHO.
One of the things that attracted me to GW was thinking up builds. It gave me a creative outlet in a game, which I had not really experienced before. I could think about builds when I wasn't playing. I remember when we where struggling to kill Rotty, I thought a lot about what skills as a team we could use to do it. Now it seems easy, but for quite some time Rotty was Sir Flech's arch nemises!
On the whole tiered skill discussion, it makes planning out your character very important. Now unless the change it in GW2 where you get a max number of skill points it is pointless. I don't want to waste my time unlocking random skills just to get the ones that I want to use.

On the other hand if you are only given a set amount of skill points ever, it will affect how people plan out their builds.
I agree Shadow, it takes soem patience, BUT, there is enough Skill point things in the game to get them all, like 144 Skill point givers/events. I kinda liek the idea, i hated hunting down 400 elite skills and countless normal skills.
@SH4D0WZ0MB1E It seemed that their would be plenty of skill point to unlock all of the skills for a given profession, but still I was much happier with my 2 tier 3 skills unlocked earlier than having to unlock tier 2 skills just so I could unlock a tier 3 skill and then needing more skill points to unlock the other one.
@Willd in GW2 there never had any skill trainers, so I'm not sure I get your point about gathering skills, though you have reiterated it This is the change that I object to, quoted from the WIKI
"For utility skills, 5 skills in a tier must be purchased to unlock the next higher tier; for elite skills, 2 skills from the first tier must be purchased to unlock the second tier. "

So even if there is only 1 skill in the tier that makes sense for my build, I still must squander my skill points on skills I do not intend to use in order to unlock the skill I need. It amounted to a nerf of the build I had for Tam in beta 1

The bigger thing to worry about seems to be how you spend Trait points. If you change your mind about your build, there is a charge to reassign your trait points. You only get 70 Trait points, so you will only be able to max 2 trait lines
If there's going to be enough skill points to go around, then I find it pointless to make people grind for certain skills.
@SH4D0WZ0MB1E It seems similar to what I have seen in other MMQ's where skills are unlocked from atree, and you must progress the lower branches to get to the higher.
@TamaraLane What i am pointing out to is on the map, it shows how many of the skill point events there are, there's like 144 skill point events to unlock the skills in the tiers. It does remind me of the tier system from other games. Just eans a better chess game tome, to get the skills and make my build work right =)
@Willd I had no issue with doing the Quests to get the skill points. Only unlocking skills that I didn't want. A better alternative would be to lock the tier until you reached a certain level. Then it would just be that a level 12 necro can't summon a Flesh Wurm (snicker), rather than say oh ... well u need to learn 4 unrelated skills before you can learn to summon a Flesh Wurm (snicker). It doesn't even make sense
Granted, but a lot of MMORPG's use the tier system now. Granted I'd rather not waste skill points on skills i will not use.
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