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FIRE Alliance is sponsoring a District for Canthan New Years Feast

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TamaraLane said...
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My alliance will be sponsoring a district for Canthan New Years feast in Guild Wars this weekend. I would like to extend an invitation to any Guild Wars players on gamerDNA to come join us. We will be providing the ingredients for all the dishes, all you have to do is show up! PM me in Game for the District number. We will try to stay in the same district all night, so once I know what it is, I'll post it here as well.
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I'm not sure what toon I will be on, but just friend Tamara Lain, and you will be able to find me.
I'll definitely come by for the festivities and for some partying.
I say American distreict 56, no one seems to be yelling about sponsoring it. Plenty of room for allies,guildies and friends that show up.
we can try it, I am hoping to get one where we won't get locked out. Had that happen 2 years ago when we sponsored.
It wound up being Asia Korean District 1. Please drop in if you get a chance
Will try and drop by
Made it to quite a few of the finales and just wanted to say thanks for hosting. Don't know who you all had sitting in town to sponsor, but thank them for me.
It wound up being me, @Willd and @ShilohStarbourne doing all the hosting. I did 3 events, Willd did the gravyard shift. I think Shi did 3 as well. Willd was there the whole time, providing comic relief. We where relieved when he shut up =). All kidding aside he did a great job. I was in and out all day, trying to get a dragon. I really am lucky to have such great people in my guild and alliance!
How did the dragon "hunting" go?
I wound up with 2, I have about 300 fortunes i need to open though. I am hoping to get 1 or 2 more. I have 2 accounts, & dragons are my favorite mythological beast. I'd like to have one for each account and maybe an extra to give away. I think all of my guildies may have gotten at least 1, Tom got 8 I think. He was very generous to give them to our guildies that had missed out.
300 fortunes, and that's what's left? That's a lot. Bet you had fun doing RPS with Hochei.
I stopped opening them after I got the first 2 dragons and then just farmed the quests. I had promissed a guildy I would give him one if I got 2. He was working on an article about WoC. When I find out more I'll let you know. Now that WoC part 3 is out, I guess I will have to do part 1 and 2. I never finished part 1 because the quests wound up being kinda grindy, with no new enimies, just afflicted.
Actually i nevver got aroud to any RPS. I was Either at the event, running around delivering ingredients, On the 9 Rings or out watching Hai & Chong's misfortune.... "Oh Dear"
Hah, still haven't done any WoC....in fact have yet to fully complete a campaign. lol. Working on rushing through them now.

No RPS? Gah, that was a boring thing. Spent most of the day on that, and when I get bored and needed a break I afk'ed on rings to work on lucky/unlucky or was at events.

Btw, seems like your guildies got lucky with their fortunes, so if you know any of them that have an extra UNDED cel dragon that they wouldn't mind selling for really cheap (I have around 20k >_>....) let me know.
I'll ask
Appreciate it. :)
I wound up getting 2 more, If you have not got one yet.
Nope, still dragonless
Look me up in game then. (Tamara Lain)
Will do when I get the chance. Anything you want for it?
@TamaraLane WELL Ms Lane! glad when i shut up huh! =p lol, it was meant to be funny in it's weirdness. =p
@Willd I forget what the joke was, but thing about you shutting up had something to do with something you said that night.... I can't remember now, but it was meant as a joke, You know I luv u!
@TamaraLane I know. =P wuv ya too.
Hey Tam, just wondering when would be a good time to meet up with you? Been on and off the past week and haven't seen you. Maybe we play at different times (zones?)??
I'm typically on in the evenings, between 8-11 Pacific. Kinda depends on whats going on at the house, when I can play.
Alright, I'll look for you then. I'm in the eastern time zone and with school right now only have time on weekends.
Btw, my main char is Shinobi Sz
OK I'll add to my friends when I get home. Going to the gym tonight, so I'll be late!
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