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TamaraLane's gameplay for Guild Wars 2 (PC)

TamaraLane played Guild Wars 2

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TamaraLane said...
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Guild drama had me down lately, but I finally dealt with it and kicked the person causing it. It came at a high price because he was quite popular. I lost a lot of guildies. now that the dust has settled I'm much happier. Even though the guild is less active it was mostly him & his cronies anyway. I rewarded myself by getting the Nightmare armor that I had been saving for. Last night I ran around with some non-guild friends, and enjoyed the game more than I have in a month or more!
Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 (PC)

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There isn't any reason to play any game with people who make you miserable.
On the contrary, there are many reasons to do so. Building a strong guild can be one of them. Tamara's guild is very important to her and she had to decide for herself whether it was worthwhile to try to keep these people in the guild.
@LordXenophon I finally realized that what he was turning the guild into didn't fit with what I wanted it to be. I don't want a hardcore guild. I want a guild where people enjoy playing together regardless of the activity. Not a dungeon focused guild. Also why in hell's name would I want a guildy who after 1 dispute, treats me like crap? Even after I apologized to placate his fragile ego.
I like strict guild setups. They don't have to be hardcore, but I hate drama. The leaders I've played with would instantly cut people like that down. Good for you.
@LordXenophon I don't see any reason as being good enough to justify being miserable. Games are entertainment, and as such, should be enjoyable. It doesn't matter how well you play if you have fun.
Going to second your opinion. If I'm going to be playing a game with people, I'm doing to do it with people that I like playing with. I don't care how good someone is, if they start acting like an elitist @$$hat then they can find someone else to play with.
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